“Music has always been there: in the car when my father used to drop me at school, when he came home from work and was excited to listen to his new record on beautiful Alon speakers with VTL amps. Even before I was born, he had his weekly radio show, as my grandmother did.
Things became serious for me when I started nosing into his important collection of records. I wanted mine too !
That’s when I started buying CDs every week, singles, music compilations but also my first vinyls.
At the age of fifteen, my sports club was looking for a DJ to play at their annual party. That’s when I had my first gig.
Next year, I started deejaying in different bars, clubs, student nights (under the alias DJ Shawlin, later DJ CEDB) in Belgium’s capital, Brussels.In 2011, CEDB Events was born: A collaboration between Matthieu Leclère and myself.
Matt and I, we decided to go for sound and light pro equipment. People got in touch with us to play at their weddings, birthdays, corporate parties etc.
Today, we are still growing and have two other guys (Pierre and Phil) working with us.”