luis djbogie



Luis DJ-Bogie began his love of Music when he was just 11y/o by banging on whatever made percussion sounds, not to soon after he learned how to play both the cowbell and timbales  On his 13th birthday (1972) he was hanging out with two friends who shared his passion for music and they wanted to share their view of music and started their own mobil disc jockey sound system named Spanish Magic Productions Sound, with his friends handling the Soul while Luis handled the Latin Music as well as Latin Rock & Soul from such artist as Santana, El Chicano and Weather Report to name a few. Within a couple a years he developed a flair for mixing on beat soul songs together by the tutoridge of Shon Love. In 1979 he joined Douglass Riddick’s Record Pool, and had mixed tapes played on WBLS after midnight in the early 1980’s and joined the promotional department of WBLS from 1983–1986, after becoming a member of The Record Pool For The Record in 1985 In 1992 opening for David Morales in the club Glamorama. By 1995 he retired from playing music to pursue a career in computer science. In 2011 he returned first and true love MUSIC he resumed his DJ career using computer technology and the Traktor system. Bogie Continues to do Club Gigs and also does a weekly Radio Show for