Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is a man who loves to create and play music.

For over three decades, he has thrilled crowds from around the globe with his soulful style of house music. He was influenced by some of the house music legends like Tony Humphries, Shep Pettibone, Frankie Knuckles, and also the legendary Larry Levan (RIP), just to name a few.

Tony grew up in the Bronx, NYC, an environment that was rich in all styles of music, which he flawlessly mixes during his DJ sets. Tony has consistently displayed an insatiable appetite to flourish musically.

Despite his early productions, he has decided to take a hiatus from the studio and dedicate the majority of his time musically behind the decks in clubs/radio mixshows around the globe.

He also gives a huge part of his time by working with several non-profit organizations that provide assistance to the people in Africa who are suffering and struggling on a day-to-day basis. He has worked with a ton of organizations in Africa and was one of the first American DJs who helped put together AID concerts in Africa. Despite his rigorous DJ schedule, which he plays for thousands of people around the globe from Europe to Asia, he still plays with an unrivaled energy which gives him the desire to thrill and excite the people who come to hear him play.

Tony will never be stagnant, but static, always trying to find a way to reinvent himself and redefine his DJ sets.

When asked by one of many music magazine reporters, how would he like to be remembered after he retires from music, Tony said, and I quote, "he would like to be remembered as a man who always remained humble to his fans, gave all he had behind the decks, and always played with his heart and his soul", end quote.